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Your Sales staff is good at what they do. They know the product, and they're good closers . So why should they waste their time trying to generate their own leads? Let them spend their time doing what they do best, closing the deal. Let
The Aliso Group take care of the lead generation. Do you need good quality sales prospects that are ready to buy? We cand deliver.
Keep Costs Low
Lead generation is time consuming. You may have a lead generation program in-house, or you may even call on your skilled sales reps to take care of lead generation themselves. Either way, it's an expensive proposition. Running the program in-house requires specialized expertise and skilled staff. When your sales reps spend too much time on lead generation themselves, they're spending less time on sales, and that's costing you money. By taking advantage of The Aliso Group expert lead generation program, you can keep your lead generation costs low, and your sales high.
Quality Leads
Tired of leads that go nowhere? Pages and pages of contacts who already bought, aren't interested, or just don't qualify?
SEEVEN SOLUTIONS provides you with high-quality leads that contain up-to date, accurate information, with no duplicates. These are leads that have gone through our rigorous verification process and leads that CONVERT TO SALES at the highest ratio in the industry!
Proprietary System
Our customized, proprietary system is designed to meet your specific needs. We tailor our process to your product and your business so we can find the best leads to drive traffic to your site and sales to your business. Lead generation involves a unique and powerful mix of marketing specialists, copywriters, and web site analysts. We've done all that, and created a powerful three step process that involves:
Generating leads through marketing and advertising
Data mining the results to parse by demographic category
Verifying each result by direct contact or by web site referral
We have been extremely pleased with The Aliso Group. The service provided by The Aliso Group has been nothing short of phenomenal. They are easy to work with, responsive, and have played a key role in the success that is our web site. I can't say enough good things!
Alco Direct
It has been a pleasure to work with the The Aliso Group team. They consistently generate high quality leads and are attentive to any changes or requests we may have. We can confidently recommend their lead generation services.
Bob V.
Dish USA
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Think of us as a virtual extension of your own sales department.
Putting your message on the internet can be one of the most powerful methods of marketing.
Lead Generation
Keep your lead generation costs low,and your sales high.
Customer Service
Customer Service is an opportunity to serve.
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Website Design
Creative expertise of skilled artists who know how to make it all come together.
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