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Taking orders isn’t just a clerical function, it’s an opportunity.
When a prospective customer makes a phone call or logs onto your web site to place an order, the sales process has only just begun. The person on the other end of that call needs to do several things:
  1. Reinforce the caller’s desire to buy the product
  2. Represent the company in a positive light
  3. Gather information about the customer
  4. Present opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell
The Aliso Group understands the sales process, and our unique sales strategy will deliver more sales, more satisfied customers, and more money to your bottom line. Why? Most of the companies to which you outsource the order taking process are little more than production call centers, with unskilled staff that read from prepared scripts. We go beyond that model. Think of us as a virtual extension of your own sales department.
What does The Aliso Group do for you?
First of all, we know that no sales call is ordinary. When a call comes in, a customer often doesn’t want to place their order right away. They want to ask questions. They want to know what alternatives are available, if you have the product in a different color, and how long it will take to ship. A production call center can’t handle those questions—they are geared up only to take information, not give it.

But the sales process works both ways. We take the time to truly understand your business and your product line. When the customer asks whether its available in pink, well know the answer. When they want to know about the manufacturing process, well be able to give them an intelligent response. And when they just want a few ideas about what other products they should buy to go with their order, we will certainly have that information available.

Want more sales? Need a more efficient order taking process? Let The Aliso Group do it for you. Give us a call today at 877-475-7124.
It has been a pleasure to work with the The Aliso Group team. They consistently generate high quality leads and are attentive to any changes or requests we may have. We can confidently recommend their lead generation services.
Bob V.
Dish USA
The Aliso Group has been our telemarketing firm since 2009. As a results of their efforts, we have upgraded the quality of our client base and substantially increased our sales. We are very pleased with the job they've done and refer our friends and associates to them.
Greg A.
Newlend Mortgage Services
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Think of us as a virtual extension of your own sales department.
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