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The Aliso Group
Why choose The Aliso Group?
With modern technology, location has become completely transparent—and it’s just as easy to provide services from Mexico as it is from your own back yard.
Highly skilled staff. If youíre in need of technical services, our associate companies are fully staffed with personnel that have been educated at some of the finest technical and business universities in the world. If youíre in need of customer service or call center services, our associate companies offer friendly personnel who are fluent in conversational English.
Affordable service. Budgets are tight and the recession has hit hard. Our consultants can show you how to get the core services you need, at an affordable price.
Easy connectivity. Receiving services from another country is just as easy as getting them from your own back office. Let our consultants show you how high-speed connectivity, Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP), and other Web 2.0 conferencing innovations can be affordably implemented to facilitate a real-time connection to center.
Join the global economy today! Are your hands tied by limitations? This is a new era. Business models of yesterday no longer apply, and companies that donít acknowledge that will simply not survive. Are you being outbid by competitors? Let The Aliso Group Solutions bring your company into the global economy.
It has been a pleasure to work with the The Aliso Group team. They consistently generate high quality leads and are attentive to any changes or requests we may have. We can confidently recommend their lead generation services.
Bob V.
Dish USA
The Aliso Group has been our telemarketing firm since 2009. As a results of their efforts, we have upgraded the quality of our client base and substantially increased our sales. We are very pleased with the job they've done and refer our friends and associates to them.
Greg A.
Newlend Mortgage Services
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Think of us as a virtual extension of your own sales department.
Putting your message on the internet can be one of the most powerful methods of marketing.
Lead Generation
Keep your lead generation costs low,and your sales high.
Customer Service
Customer Service is an opportunity to serve.
Graphic and
Website Design
Creative expertise of skilled artists who know how to make it all come together.
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